Podium festival
Chamber music festival
Brijuni / Fažana
25—31 July 2016


Monday 25/07/16

Each in its own way but certainly good-humoured, let it be with music or words, perhaps only with a bow, tonight we will meet the artists of Podium festival 2016.

Thursday 28/07/16

F. Mendelssohn — Lied ohne Worte op. 109
Kristina Winiarski — Cello
Matija Potisk — Piano
A. Holley – This time of light
Tamara Jurkić Sviben — Piano
Hrvoje Pintarić — Horn
Artiom Shishkov — Violin
F. Chopin — Balada No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23
Matija Potisk — Piano
A. Arensky — Piano trio No. 1, Op. 32 in D minor
Allegro moderato
Žiga Faganel — Violin
Alja Mandič — Cello
Matija Potisk — Piano
Songs without words are exactly what we would like to offer to listeners. Every day we listen to words and take part in various discussions and conversations. Let us forget about all of this, let us just listen and enjoy, omitting all linguistic and cultural impediments. Let us yield ourselves to music that requires no words to be understood. Tonight's concert speaks in its matchless language – music – and it relates unspeakable experiences that we can only reach through this intangible art.

Friday 29/07/16

F. Schubert: Quintet in C Major op. 163, D. 956
Žiga Faganel — Violin
Vlatka Peljhan — Violin
Aleksandar Jakopanec — Viola
Alja Mandič — Cello
Kristina Winiarsky — Cello
The most plentiful year for Franz Schubert was the year 1816. Although he was only 19 then and already employed as a music teacher in his father's school, he could manage to write more than 20 000 measures of music. More than half of them were orchestral works, including also 9 sacral pieces, one symphony and 140 solo songs – Lieder.

Let us celebrate 200 years past the year of Schubert's inspiration.

Saturday 30/07/16

J. S. Bach – Chaconne, Partita No. 2 BWV 1004
Artiom Shishkov — Violin
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani – Pričaj mi...
Ana Horvat — Clarinet
Petra Horvat — Saxophone
Sofija Cingula — mezzosporan
A. Holley – Estuaries of Time
Žiga Faganel — Violin
Alja Mandič — Cello
Tamara Jurkić Sviben — Piano
F. Poulenc – Improvisation n. 12 Hommage a Schubert
F. Poulenc – Improvisation n. 15 Hommage a Edith Piaf
Vesna Ivanović Ocvirk — Piano
D. Pejačević – Klavirski kvartet u d – molu, Op. 25
Matija Potisk — Piano
Artiom Shishkov — Violin
Aleksandar Jakopanec — Viola
Kristina Winiarski — Cello
Mosaic has for long been a well-known technique of decoration art, at which pictures are created with assembling of pieces of various materials, colours, shapes and sizes. Inspired with this art, tonight we are going to combine the almost incompatible. We will start with Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of all times, whose works are distinguished from unseen intellectual depth, technical pretentiousness, improbable order in tone relations and indisputable artistic beauty. After timeless Bach we are going to listen to two contemporary composers, Croatian Laura Mjeda Čuperjani and Australian Alan Holley. Our artists have a special honour to be the first to perform their compositions and you, dear audience, to be the first to listen to them. Very short Poulenc's improvisations will follow, that will, with their simplicity and crystal precision of notes intertwined, freshen up the stage and prepare it for a late-romantic Dora Pejačević. Her impressionistic consonances and expressionistic idioms will round up the concert and put a final piece into our mosaic.

Sunday 31/07/16

A. Holley – Hammerings lll, for solo soprano saxophone solo
Petra Horvat—Saxophone
O. Respighi – "Il Tramonto" per mezzo soprano quartetto d'archi
Sofija Cingula — Mezzosporan
Artiom Shishkov — Violin
Žiga Faganel — Violin
Aleksandar Jakopanec — Viola
Kristina Winiarski — Cello
W. A. Mozart – Divertimento in Es major KV 563 (I. and IV. mvt)
Žiga Faganel — Violin
Alja Mandič — Cello
Aleksandar Jakopanec — Viola
G. Lago – Ciudades for saxophone quartet
Addis Ababa
Petra Horvat— Soprano saxophone
Weronika Partyka —Alto saxophone
Betka Bizjak Kotnik—Tenor saxophone
Jovana Joka—Bariton saxophone
Tonight's concert will lead us throughout, from Australia to Italian sunset, from Venice school all away to Cordoba, Montevideo, Sarajevo and to Addis Ababa. Also tonight, at the last concert of this year's Podium festival, the composition of our resident composer Alan Holley will be performed. This artist is known for its contemporary technique that allures attraction with a profusion of contrasts, but coincidently in this piece we can recognize the connection with Respighi's Sunset. The latter also varies from modern ideas to traditional streams, distinctly rich in colour.

With inevitable Mozart, his fluttering, capriciousness and glamour we will encounter with a feeling of simplicity and airiness. After this we will be faced with a considerable change in sound and expression – at the end we will listen to a G. Laga's saxophone quartet titled Gradovi (Cities). In the assortment of movements, we will enjoy an ample saxophone sound in all of its four shapes and sizes.
* Boat transfer schedule
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Fažana — Brijuni
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departure from Brijuni 19:30, 21:00, 23:00
Fažana - Brijuni
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departure from Brijuni 19:30, 21:00, 23:00

About us

Podium festival is a modern, sophisticated musical landscape that lives outside fixed conventions; it is a mobile network of people all across Europe sharing a common vision.
Podium is therefore a chamber music festival that has been successfully thriving for eight years now and been hosted in six different countries: Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain and Iceland. In Croatia, Podium Festival has been taking place from 2015. The Festival is a stage of cultural innovations that welcomes enthusiasts of various spheres and affinities, let them be musical, organisational, designing or artistic in any possible way.
The source and drive of the “Podium idea” is the open cooperation between all arts and other subsidiary activities, that are essential for the existence of this Idea. The dynamical musical design is accentuated precisely through this type of live network.

Our goal is to build a bridge between tradition and innovation, consequently to befriend contemporary artists with the ones that have been performed for years or centuries. We aim at combining eyesight and hearing, as visual animation, light effects, quality classical music and curiously installed stages. In this fresh and interesting way, we want to expand this interaction between performers and listeners.
Podium Festival Brijuni/Fažana will take place at an island Veliki Brijun and in Fažana as a six musical-incidental manifestation of the Podium festival chain, from 25th to 31th of July 2016 thanks to the help of Brijuni National Park and Fažana municipality. In this time three concerts will occur on which the artists from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Sweden, Belarus and Australia will present to ourselves.
Network and grand business cooperation with Podium Festival (Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway and Spain) started off in autumn 2014, mostly for musical activity, cooperation and introducing artists from Croatia and abroad. Regarding concert diligence special accent is put on creating new music what also comprises of performing new pieces and stimulating composers for composing additional musical creations.



Where to buy tickets
Festival information point (Cara Emina V. 10a, Fažana)

Brijuni concerts – Donation ticket 100 HRK
Fažana concerts – free entry

Tickets for all concerts can be bought in u Ul. Cara Emina V. 25 - 31. July 0-24.
On reception of Brijuni National Park in Fažana on day of the concert from 17:00h


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